Support Local Charities and Win Fabulous Prizes
Enter a Ducky in the Ducky Derby Race

1st place, a chance to win a new auto from Castle Rock Autoplex, or, $2,000
2nd place, $750.00
3rd place, $250.00
4th place, $100.00
5th-10th place: $50
The color of the car will be selected by Castle Rock Autoplex


How does this work?
The Rotary Clubs of Castle Rock have coordinated with a third party prize underwriter to offer the chance of winning a new 2021 Car. A specific number “New Car Ticket Numbers” for every 3,000 tickets sold will be selected at random prior to the race by the prize underwriter and kept in a sealed security envelope. At the conclusion of the race, a Race Committee official will consult with the underwriter to determine whether the duck that crosses the finish line first has a number that matches one of the New Car Ticket Numbers. If the numbers match, then the name on the ticket stub with the New Car Ticket Number wins the 2021 Car.
If first place Ducky number is not a match, then the 2021 Car will not be awarded and a $2,000 prize is awarded to the name on the first place ticket stub.

You DO NOT need to be in attendance to win.  Winning Numbers will be posted on the Rotary websites ( and

Keep your ticket until you determine if you have won.