27th Annual Ducky Derby & Farmers Market

Official Race Rules and Regulations - Sunday, June 11, 2023
  1. The Rotary Ducky Derby Committee will establish the race course. Ducks will be launched into Plum Creek in the vicinity of Interstate 25 at approximately 1:00 PM on Sunday, June 11, 2023. If circumstances require the race to be delayed or postponed, it will be rescheduled at a time and place to be determined by the Rotary Ducky Derby Committee.
  2. All ducks entered in the race will be provided by the Rotary Clubs of Castle Rock and shall remain the property of the Rotary Clubs of Castle Rock.
  3. Once the ducks are launched, no members of the public shall have contact with the ducks. No attempts to free or interfere with any duck are permitted unless deemed necessary by a Race Committee member.
  4. The race course will close 15 minutes after the first duck has crossed the finish line and/or is caught in the duck trap. Any ducks finishing after that time will not be eligible for prizes.
  5. If natural causes or other restrictions prevent the use of Plum Creek for holding the race, then the Ducky Derby Committee may institute other means to enact a race at their sole discretion.
  6. Numbers will be attached to each duck corresponding to a Ducky Derby ticket number. A cash prize will be awarded to a person or organization whose ticket number matches the number on one of the first ten ducks across the finish line. An official ticket stub must confirm the ticket number. Positive identification will be required to claim any prize won. The holder of the ticket with the number of the first place duck will win $xxxx cash.  The holder of the second place ticket number will win $yyy ycash. The holder of the third place ticket number will win $zzz.  The holder of the fourth place ticket number will win $aaa.  The holder of the fifth through tenth place ticket numbers will win $bb.  
  7. Entrants must be 21 years or older to win. If the person whose name is on a winning ticket stub is not 21 years old, the prize will be awarded to their parent or legal guardian.
  8. No purchase is necessary in order to enter or win. However, entrants are encouraged to make a $5 donation per Ducky Derby ticket. One free Ducky Derby ticket per person may be obtained by filling out a written request on a 3” x 5” card with name, address, email and phone number and mailed to Ducky Derby Committee, P.O. Box 1045, Castle Rock, CO 80104 and received at that address by June 2, 2023.
  9. For any ticket not purchased on-line, the ticket stub portion of each Ducky Derby ticket must be returned to the Rotarian or third party ticket seller at the time of the donation and prior to the race for a ticket to be eligible to win a prize. A limited number of tickets will be available for purchase the day of the race at the Rotary Ticket Booth located on the Festival site at 2nd Street and Perry Street. Ticket sales on race day will cease approximately one hour before the race.
  10. The Ducky Derby Committee reserves the right to limit the number of Ducky Derby tickets purchased per individual or organization.
  11. Prize winners need not be present to win. Winning numbers will be posted at rotaryclubofcastlerock.org and crhn-rotary.com for 30 days after the event. If any prize winner does not claim their prize by July 11, 2023, the Ducky Derby Committee will donate the prize to a charitable organization of its choice.
  12. Each winner has sole responsibility for paying any and all taxes and similar fees on any prize(s) won and must authorize the deduction of such taxes, if any, from the prize(s) to the extent required by law.
  13. Names and likenesses of prize-winners may be used by the Rotary Club of Castle Rock or Castle Rock High Noon Rotary and their designee(s) for promotional purposes without further compensation.
  14. Rotary Club members, their spouses, and resident family members are eligible to win all prizes.
  15. By entering, entrants release the Rotary Clubs of Castle Rock and Castle Rock High Noon and their officers, directors, and staff and other related entities from any and all liability with respect to prizes, the race, and the Farmers Market.
  16. Chances of winning depend on the total number of qualified entries.
  17. The Ducky Derby Committee will make all decisions about and interpretations of these Rules and Regulations and their judgment is final.
  18. Any provision contained herein which is in conflict with any applicable law, ordinance or regulation shall be deemed omitted and the remainder of the document shall remain in full force and effect.