Rotary Marshals at the Douglas County Fair and Rodeo Parade

August 9, 2014; The Rotary Club of Castle Rock and the Castle Rock High Noon Rotary supported the annual Douglas County Fair and Rodeo Parade with "marshals" who helped to organize and stage the hundred or so entries in the parade. Then the Rotarians walked the full route to assure safety of the several thousand spectators. Castle Rock Rotary Clubs have been supporting this great community event for many years.
The Rotary Ducky Derby, held every year on the second Saturday of June, has a "Ducky" mascot. This year for the first time the mascot was featured in the parade and was a huge success. The mascot, in a Ducky costume, lighted up thousands of children with the biggest smiles you will ever see and everyone was delighted.
Shown above are just a few of the 20 Rotary marshals at the Douglas County Fair and Rodeo Parade.  From left to right, "Head Marshal" John McKune, Don Jones, Jerry Lionetti, Gordon Allott, Pat Flannagan, Judson Mitchell and Rich Bangs.
Here, in front of the Rotary Trailer, is the Ducky mascot with, from left to right, Judson Mitchell, Gordon Allott and Elaine Love. Madison Thomas, from The Lotus School of Excellence, a Charter School in Aurora, wore the costume at the Ducky Derby. The Ducky was a huge hit with children along the parade route. Many thanks to Madison Thomas. 
Here is the "official" parade Entry from Rotary Clubs of Castle Rock; Gordon Allott's truck and the Rotary Club of Castle Rock trailer. The Rotarians took the opportunity to advertise the annual Peach Sale which delivers the finest western slope peaches to the community for bargain basement prices. Fresh and Delicious!