Jack Muhlenhaupt is the Rotary Club of Castle Rock’s Student of the Month for March 2020.

Jack Muhlenhaupt, senior at Castle View High School, was awarded the Rotary Club of Castle Rock’s Student of the Month for March during a e-Meeting with the club on April 1.  Castle View High School Principal Rex Corr presented the award.
Corr said Muhlenhaupt was an exceptional scholar who has taken a rigorous course load and earned a 3.83 gpa. He has taken five advanced placement classes, some college credit and three years of engineering courses.  He is also active outside of school, earning a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Karate and serving as an Eagle Scout. His scout project was to build a stairway of 18 timber steps for elementary children to safely access a churches’ after school program.  He is also working at a restaurant about 15 hours a week.
Muhlenhaupt’s teachers describe him as: 
  • dedicated to making sense of his course work and that he is patient and motivated.
  • wise beyond his years, witty and has a good humor.
  • smart but doesn’t show it and is flexible and a loyal friend.
Muhlenhaupt has been accepted at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden. He said he chose Mines because of its reputation and that it takes him closer to the mountains.

Student of the Month for March, Jack Muhlenhaupt