Rockin' Seniorita is the 2023 Derby Ducky!!

Congratulations to all of our nonprofit duckies in the 2023 Ducky Derby. 
Joining our duckies for the awards ceremony this year, from left to right in the photo, are:
Shannon Rutt with Rockin' Seniorita for the Castle Rock Senior Center: First Place, $1000
Joan Gandy with Duckleberry Finn for the Douglas County Libraries Foundation: 4th Place, $100
Sharon Sjosrom from the Rotary Club of Castle Rock presenting awards
Nicole DeVries with Wellspring Wally for Wellspring Community: 2nd Place, $500
Jim DeLay with Doug Landry for Douglas Land Conservancy: 3rd Place, $250
Leah Goss with College Bound Charlie for Hide in Plain Sight: 7th Place, $100
Rockie Farmer for the Colorado Agricultural Leadership Foundation: 5th Place, $100
Hope Helper for the Help and Hope Center: 6th Place, $100
The final results are below.
Nonprofits eligible to enter a Ducky in the race have received Rotary funds in the past 24 months.