May 12, 2021
Carla Vaughn | Founder & Executive Director
Financial Literary First |

As a graduate in Finance and International Marketing, Ms. Vaughn has had over 20 years of business experience. Those skills, coupled with being a teacher and trainer, has allowed her to utilized her skills to be an effective instructor and administrator. With a background additionally in business, and running a financial company, she has many of the talents needed to guide the working operations of Financial Literacy First.

As a graduate of Jones International University (Summa Cum Laude), and a graduate of Wayne State University (B.S. dual management major), she is well versed on academia. With a passion to lead others to economic empowerment, Ms. Vaughn, is constantly striving to make our communities a better place. This means she is committed to educating both the young person and older worker. As the owner of Business & Financial Management Services, her profession puts her in front of many small business owners and individuals. This pulse on the community means she is in touch with how important it is for people to become financially literate.