Help & Hope Center (formerly known as the Douglas / Elbert Task Force)

Since 1984, the Help & Hope Center (formerly the Douglas/Elbert Task Force) has provided assistance to individuals and families in Douglas and Elbert Counties who are in financial distress and at risk of becoming homeless. They exist to meet the immediate needs of residents who are in financial distress and to help them work through troublesome times with dignity. 

During the COVID-19 Crisis, the Help & Hope Center and their clients have experienced significant disruptions.  Their Food Bank normally distributes about 65,000 pounds of food per month. Several local retailers typically donate pallets of food to the Help & Hope Center for distribution.  With unprecedented demand at local retailers, food supplies at the Help & Hope Center become critically low.  Cash contributions also become scarce in times of distress in the community.  Cash contributions were down 40% in February 2020.

The Rotary Club of Castle Rock Foundation, routinely provides funds to the Help & Hope Center.  Foundation funding is collected primarily through the Club's Fundraising Events such as the Ducky Derby and Peach Sales.  An additional fundraising campaign from members to provide emergency funding during the current COVID-19 crisis is underway. 

This is one of our club's most important community service projects. 

Did you know that 70% of Americans have less than $500 in savings.  So many are one emergency away from needing help.

People who are in crisis operate under incredible stress.  Having a calm, warm, quiet place to come, and being greeted and made welcome by a smiling volunteer immediately diffuses some of that stress. For the kids, we provide an airy, quiet space with room for them to play safely. Having the opportunity to be listened to and to be heard by staff who not only understand but who can often make a difference that day is an incredible relief, particularly for clients with children.   

The major services provided by the Help & Hope Center are:

Food & Toiletries
Funds for Housing Assistance
Utility Assistance
Emergency Overnight Lodging
Prescription and Dental Assistance
Clothing & Household items from our Thrift Stores
Information and Referral to other Agencies & Resources
In 2019, The Help and Hope Center
  • helped 20,000 people
  • distributed 450 tons of food
  • provided over $2M in assistance
The Castle Rock Rotary Club has been a long-time supporter of the Help & Hope Center.  In December 2019, the Club presented Help & Hope Center Executive Director Dan Marlowe with a check for $3000.  During the COVID-19 crisis, the Club has provided another $3000 and is fundraising to provide up to an additional $13000 in emergency support.  

Find more information about the Help & Hope Center at their website HERE